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Brief Introduction of the Book   Features of The E-Book
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Brief Introduction of the Book

    Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests and other exams Preparations.

  This ebook has been prepared with a special care to facilitate the students of FSc (Intermediate Classes) to prepare them for the Board exams and the Entry Tests for gaining admission in Professional Institutions of Higher Education, like Medical Colleges, Engineering Universities or selection in Armed Forces Exams( ISSB).

Why this E-Book:

Once you have lot of preparation stuff in the shape of hard copy like books etc, then question arises that why should you consult this Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests. Apparently, its a very logical and genuine question. Books and other printed material has its own weight-age, but the preparation material given here has been designed specifically by keeping in view the catching attitude of the examiner which is normally exercised in the Entry Tests etc. Moreover, this Chemistry E-Book contains complete preparation stuff at one place and its highly easy to consult a desired portion of study which is reached by just one click, Such materials may also be available on various websites, but that is scattered and one has to really search for it, besides remaining connected to the Internet throughout your study time. This Chemistry E-Book save lot of your time which you can devote to improve you preparation for the exam. After having downloaded and registered this E-Book, you don’t require to remain connected. Self testing mechanism with results give added importance to this E-Book which work offline to facilitate the students in checking and evaluation of their preparation progress. E-book work without activation also but does not allow its complete features to be used by the unregistered users. The price of this E-Book has been kept very marginal as compared to the efforts put in its design and compilation. Most of its material is available for online consultation at http://.

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Structure of The E-Book

Chemistry, a branch of physical science, is the study of the composition, structure, properties and change of matter. Chemistry is chiefly concerned with atoms and their interactions with other atoms.

    The Chemistry E-Book has been formulated with a special care to facilitate the students of  FSc for board exams and for appearing in competitive exams like MCAT, ECAT, CSS and ISSB. In addition to the Introductory part, the book consists of two major parts; Preparation Zone and Self Testing Zone with an additional part of
Misc study supplement.Preparation Zone, mainly cover all the relevant material
necessary for the above talked exams, whereas the
Testing Zone includes self testing mechanism to gauge the preparation progress of the students. 

>>>>>>>Preparation Zone>>>>>

The preparation zone of this Chemistry E-Book, has been organized mainly in two part s; 1) Chapter Wise MCQs – 1st & 2nd Years, 2) MCQs Mix of all Chapters from both years. part – 1st is further divided into two parts and MCQs are organised Chapter wise, i.e. Part-I from 11th Class Syllabus and Part-II from 12th Class Syllabus, whereas in the second part, selected MCQs Mix of all Chapters from both years are included to facilitate the students. MCQs from each chapters have been selected very carefully covering the the subject complete from exam point of view. Besides, MCQs have been framed just as asked in the exams. The students who remember these MCQs thoroughly can secure above 90% marks in the Objective Exams specially asked in the Entry Tests like MCAT, ECAT, ISSB and Objective papers of Board Exams.

>>>>>>>Self Testing Zone>>>>>

This part of the Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests is organised into three parts; 1) Part-I for 11th Class, 2) Part-II for 12th Class and 3) Mix from 11th & 12th Class.  In this portion MCQs are displayed in a Self testing mechanism randomly from various chapters. At the end of each Test Practice, the option to calculate score has been provided to check the progress of students preparation. The students can also record and save the result of their practice on to your own computer for improvement in the preparation and after word preparation analysis.

>>>>>>>Misc Study Supplement>>>>>

This part of the Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests is included for provision of Supplementary Study Material to the students in order to strengthen their level of preparations for the exams. In includes certain tips for managing time during your exam and ultimately achieving success. Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests also provides certain useful tools like Aggregate Calculator, Temperature Converter and Units for weighing and measuring in various systems.

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Features of The E-Book

Complete Feature List

Everything you need to know full-features and other information about
Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests
  can be found here!

Here is the list of features of your Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests/Board

  1.    Subject Matter

    • Completeness: The Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests/Board Examscovers complete FSc syllabi of both Part-I and Part-II separately. Efforts have been made to include every possible MCQ from each line of both the parts.

    • Separation of Parts: In this Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests, syllabi of both parts have been kept separate to make it equally usable for the candidates taking board exams of Part-I. Besides, it is organised Chapter wise to ensure progressive and complete preparation of entire syllabus.

    • Structure of Zones: This Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests has been structured into two main Zones, namely “Preparation Zones” and “Self Testing Zones”. This type of structure facilitate and ensure the complete preparation leading to the success in the Entry tests/exams. We recommend, to complete your preparations in the “Preparation Zone” before going to the “self testing zone”. First you complete the preparation of a chapter from the “preparation Zone” and then test the progress of your preparation in the “Self Testing Zone”.

    • Mix MCQs Zone:
      In addition to the separate Zones both for preparation and self testing, Mix MCQs Zone has been included to give a real exam feeler. Here you can check the progress of your preparation after you have completed your entire syllabi.

    • Provision of Answers Separately: In the “Preparation Zone’ the answers have been provided separately by design to ensure thorough preparation of each and every MCQ included in the e-book.

    • Miscellaneous Study Supplement:This part of the Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests has been included to provide additional material to over ensure the preparations for success in the desired Test/exams.

    • Recording of Results: The facility to record the results of your test practices by the candidates have also been included to allow them to reconcile and overcome the weakness in the preparations afterward.

    • Regular Updates: Copy of your Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests will be regularly updated which is available to registered/activated users of the ebook free of cost.

  2. Design Features

    • Left and Main Panels: The Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests has been designed in two Panels, ‘Left Panel’ and ‘Main Panel’. Laft Panel mainly act as Index. Just Click on the desired section/part in the Left Panel to view its contents in the Main Panel. The actual study contents would be visible in the Main Panel both for Preparations and self testing. The width of both Panels can be readjusted manually, by holding and dragging the separating line. The Contents in the Left Panel can be expanded and closed as desired by
      clicking on + and – signs respectively.

    • Easy to Use: The Chemistry E-Book for Entry Tests is highly user friendly and its every part is reachable just on one click.

    • Complete Syllabus on One Page: Particularly, in the preparation Zone, complete syllabus each of Part-I and Part-II is available on one page, just place your mouse on the chapter# and see its Title and then click it to view its contents on the same page for every chapter. However, in the Self Testing Zone, the Test Practices of each Chapter are available on one Page, just click on the desired Practice and go ahead with your self testing.

    • Background Color Selectivity: For preparation and Self testing you can select /adjust the background color of your own choice as per your eyes comfort.

    • Find & Search: The option to search and find a particular word/phrase from the entire book or from a particular page has been provided to facilitate selected reading and solution.

    • Contacting to Author: For any help/assistance or query, you can contact365彩票安卓客户端 / author any time while using this ebook with the help of just one click.

  3. Internet Connectivity

    • Required only for downloading the book and activation process,

    • Once the Registration has been activated after downloading the Ebook, no internet connectivity is required.

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How to Activate E-Book

Three Steps Process to fully activate your E-Book

Step -1: Down load your E-Book from http:///ebook/ebook-chemistry-intermediate/

Step – II: Deposit Rs:325 to Green Education via Easy Paisa on cell number; 034547007947 by visiting your nearest Telenor /Easy Paisa Shop. Send the amount deposit details to Green Education by visiting http:///e-book-order-form/ or Send following information via SMS on 0345 4700794:

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Step – IIIAfter having received your user name and Activation Key, open the Activate Your E-Book page in the Introduction Section from the left panel and copy your user name and Activation key from your e-mail and paste it in the required columns. Now click Activate Registration, your copy will be registered on our server and activated for unlimited use.
Note: 1.
Pls don’t try to enter your activation key manually by typing, just copy it from the source and while pasting click on ”
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